What Is Face Detection?

Face Detection is the way of identifying any user based on their facial structure. When the user’s face is recorded into the system, they can be identified by their face every time they use the AI based face recognition controller. It comes under one of the security system devices.


In the current scenario of preventing the spread of COVID-19, face recognition devices can be very helpful. Traditionally, we are used to gaining access to any secure facilities using our thumbprint, id card, or by entering our password. We can replace all these traditional access mechanisms by using advanced AI based face detection devices.


AI based face recognition controller/device is intelligent enough to capture the body temperature of the user whenever they try to gain access using their face. We can prevent users with high body temperature like a fever from entering our premises. Whenever the device detects the users with high body temperature for e.g. above 36.6ºC (you can also use Fahrenheit instead of Celcius), the door will not open for them. The door will open if the Face detection device detects that body temperature is normal.

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These types of devices can be used in office entrance doors, hospitals, gym halls, club membership areas, and any areas where secure access is required.


We can also use face controller devices as a stand-alone attendance device. Whenever any employee enters the office by using face recognition, their information like employee id, access time, and date is recorded in the system. This will even work with different shifts like morning, afternoon, evening, and night.


You can integrate your fire alarm system, door access, bell with the AI based face detection device.


The main features of face recognition devices are:

  • Face detection with 99.9% accuracy
  • Body temperature detection
  • Time & attendance
  • Records thousands of records.
  • Avoid touching the device
  • Integration with external Software
  • Real-time data monitoring
  • Ethernet and WiFi capabilities


At Triway Technologies, we offer you our own AI based face recognition controller which includes all the features mentioned above and more. Please check it here.


We also provide other security solutions like Identity Access Management, Traka Key Management system for managing your organization’s key.


You can also request a free demo from our team. Simply enter your details and we’ll be in touch.




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