5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is most important for Small to Medium sized Businesses

Not so long ago, terms like Online Marketing, Online Advertising, Display Advertising, or Digital Branding were considered elitist and exotic. Companies would be asked and subsequently slotted as being either ‘online’ or ‘offline’ businesses.

All of that has changed in the last 5 years – and particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Today, it is almost impossible for a business to think of itself in purely ‘offline’ terms, as statistics reveal that an overwhelming proportion of buyers begin their product search online – A staggering 87% according to RetailDive. This number is only set to grow, with more and more businesses turning their attention online following the brutal events of Covid19.

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is most important for Small to Medium sized Businesses

Here are 5 reasons why Digital Marketing has become absolutely crucial, particularly for Small to Medium sized businesses:

1. Digital Marketing can greatly help boost Customer Loyalty

Customer relationships and customer loyalty are intrinsic to the success of any business and for the longest time, before the internet era began, this is what allowed small to medium-sized businesses to prosper. But the emergence of large-scale retail outlets and MNCs changed all of that, as the modern consumer is literally spoiled for choices. This makes it extremely difficult for the smaller scale business setups to compete with large established megastores, which can offer a customer everything from massive discounts to even wider product ranges.

This is where Digital Marketing can help small to medium-scale businesses even the odds, as unlike conventional marketing and advertising techniques, it does not stop with the sale of a product. A carefully designed Digital Marketing campaign goes well beyond product checkout and can transform customers into brand ambassadors. A simple automated yet personalized “thank you” note or an appreciation email sent directly to the customer’s inbox can go a long way in ensuring a long-term relationship between the two parties.

2. Digital Marketing offers small businesses a low-cost way of actually beating their much larger competition

Content Marketing is a huge part of Digital Marketing and this is the most cost-effective way for a small business to match or even beat its much larger competitors. While in the past, a company’s ability to reach the market was directly proportional to its ‘spending’ capacity, the internet and particularly social media have massively democratized the playing field. For a small to medium-scale business, with a limited marketing budget, Digital Marketing is the perfect ‘low risk – high reward’ strategy to outcompete its more storied competition. A skillfully designed campaign with just the right mix of emotion and customer-specific content can very easily go ‘viral’ online – something that no amount of money can match.

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is most important for Small to Medium sized Businesses.

3. AI and Machine Learning are rapidly altering how a business sees its customer

In the early days of Online Marketing and Advertising, the focus was all on identifying a potential customer and trying to get him/her to buy your product or service. New advancements in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have changed all of that. Small businesses today no longer have to rely on guesswork or assumptions about who their customers might be or what their wants are. A wide array of Digital Marketing tools and technologies allow small businesses to learn everything from their customer’s online habits to spending proclivities and create targeted marketing campaigns that are extremely effective.

Today’s Digital Marketing campaigns involve tools such as Google Analytics, SEMrush, and Google Search Console that help a business know a potential customer in and out and even influence their buying habits.

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is most important for Small to Medium sized Businesses.

4. Digital Marketing is extremely affordable

One of the biggest ‘myths’ about Digital Marketing is that it is a ‘cash drain’. While it is true that mindlessly pouring money into one’s social media handles will not automatically translate into inflated sales, Digital Marketing and Advertising are infinitely more affordable than traditional marketing.

Compared to exorbitantly expensive methods of traditional marketing/advertising such as Billboards, Hoardings, or Television Ads, an average Digital Marketing campaign is well within the budget of even the smallest of companies. With the right amount of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and the right platform, Digital Marketing can easily match the reach of traditional broadcast channels such as Television and Radio at less than 10% of the cost.

5. Digital Marketing is set to evolve even further with the imminent arrival of Web 3.0

Ever since Facebook rebranded and re-focused its intentions towards Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences, the internet has been awash with the new buzzword – Metaverse. While experts are still polarized about whether our future selves will be spending most of our lives within these ‘Digital/Virtual Environments’, it is clear that Blockchains, NFTs, and Digital Avatars are set for revolutionizing the internet as we know it.

5 Reasons why Digital Marketing is most important for Small to Medium sized Businesses.

If and when we embrace this ‘near future’, Digital Marketing will gain even more prominence as we buy, sell and interact with each other in these virtual environments. Here again lies the possibility of further democratizing the ‘gap’ between large and small companies.
So, there you have it! 5 of the most important reasons why you must invest in having a solid ‘Digital Presence’ – particularly if you are a small to medium sized business.
At the very least, reach out and connect with one of our experts to understand how your business interests may best be served. We are one of the leading Digital Marketing Service providers in Dubai.

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Things to consider before choosing your Enterprise Facility Management Software for Your Business

Best Facility Management Software

Best Enterprise Facility Management Software

There are a lot of applications available in the market for managing small, medium, or large enterprises. Every business has its own requirements on how to manage its facilities. Every platform comes with its own unique set of features, It is a very difficult task to decide which software or platform will be right for your company.


We’ve compiled a list of key features that every business house needs to consider before choosing its facility management application.

1. Continuous support from the vendor

Every software application either big or small will experience some sort of technical issues. These can be regarding the newly added features, security updates, hardware upgrades, minor or major software updates for improving the user experiences and performance. You will need reliable customer support from the software vendor. Every Business should look for a provider that extends 24/7, 365 days support. The support might be through different channels such as telephone calls, email,s or direct visits. You should rely on someone who ensures that your business operations will not be compromised during system upgrades or downtime.

You can also visit the product website for knowledgebase, FAQs, client reviews, and ratings on other review platforms, etc.


2. Ask for the product demo

It is always the best idea to look for programs that offer a free trial or demo. By doing this, you can see and test the already available functions of the facility management application and decide whether they will be applicable to your business needs. You can fill the user experience, check and evaluate the platform’s user-friendliness. You can directly ask the software vendor if they can make any changes that fit your needs before you decide to purchase it.

You can show the demo application to other team players and ask for their opinions, this will ensure that every member knows what they will be using in real-time.


3. Self (Inpremise / Cloud hosted) or provider hosting

Data is a very crucial part of every Business’. Some companies want their data to be hosted on their own platforms and want to host in providers’ platforms. Many facility management software providers have both options, either self-hosted or cloud-hosted. It’s up to the policy of the business house how they want to host it. You need to have your own team of technical people for hosting on your platform. Some providers will let you chose the platforms like Windows or Linux for hosting the application.


4. Support for customization

Since every business house has its own set of requirements, some facility management providers might have the premade solutions and some might not have. Always go for the software provider who is ready to customize the applications based on your requirements. They might charge you extra cost for the development but it will solve your problems.


5. Pricing

This is also another important factor while choosing the facility management software. Payments can be done on monthly basis or yearly. Many software providers will give you some sort of discount if you opt for yearly plans. Pricing for Self-hosted and provider-hosted can also vary. You should always check with their representative before purchasing.

8 Inch Face Recognition, Temperature Detection, Door Access Control System

AI Based Face Recognition Device

Introducing the new face recognition controller with bigger and larger screen for real time data monitoring that is able to identify peoples, detect body temperature and also can be used as a door access controller

mask detection device

Main Features

  • Body Temperature Detection
  • Alarm for high body temperature
  • Mask detection of various colors
  • Alarm if user not wearing a mask
  • Visitor registration
  • Print visitor information
  • Stranger detection
  • Door access controller
  • Liveness detection
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 8 GB ROM
  • Supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet
  • IPS display 800*1200 and configurable

  • Shift scheduling
  • Attendance monitoring
  • Multiple Language selection
  • Multiple Speech selection
  • Waterproof and Dustproof design

  • Real-time data capture

We are also providing 5-inch face recognition and body temperature detection device. View more information

face recognition device
temperature detection device

Available as 3 models

View or Download Product Specifications

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Enterprise Facility Management Software (CAFM)

Enterprise Facility Management Software (CAFM)

Day-to-day management of your facilities, operations, management dashboard for critical analysis enabling enterprise-wide control in the most intelligent and efficient way.

facility management software in Dubai

Most comprehensive, easy to implement, state-of-the-art, Smart Facility & Workplace Management Solution (CAFM & IWMS) that also caters to the Environmental Sustainability, Health & Well-being needs of Smart Buildings.

Asset Information

  • Maintain complete detail of each equipment/asset
  • Asset tracking with RFID/Barcode/NFC/QR Code/GPS
  • Configurable multi-level asset/facilities/equipment hierarchy
  • Asset type-wise templates to capture asset details
  • Asset movement tracking
  • Maintain asset-specific purchase cost, current value and depreciation cost
  • Asset lifecycle management
  • Multiple Views – Tree view, Grid view, Floor Plan view, Map – GPS coordinates, BIM Model
  • Property management

Preventive, Predictive & Corrective Maintenance

  • Generate and manage preventive & breakdown maintenance work orders
  • Preventive maintenance work orders scheduled by calendar or usage frequency
  • Corrective (breakdown) maintenance templates for fast response
  • Auto-generate work orders based on maintenance alarms, usage, and calendar-based trigger
  • Enhanced scheduled maintenance frequency
  • Auto-recording of downtime for monitoring equipment performance
  • Feedback based maintenance
  • PPM Library with in-built standard policies

Inspections and Audit Management

  • Routine inspection
  • Inspection checklists
  • Scheduling of inspection/audit activities

Pest Control

  • Configurable pest control schedules
  • Announcements/notifications on upcoming pest control activities
  • Easy and quick access to pest control activities

Work Order Management

  • User-definable escalations for work orders
  • Calendar functions view for displaying work orders
  • Equipment tracking with cost history, warranty, vendor details, technical documentation & list of spare parts
  • Work order picks up trade wise rates for supplier
  • View upcoming work orders/closing work orders
  • On-screen displays of work orders nearing SLA breach
  • SMS approval for work orders
  • Service Request Module for remote work order requests
  • Configurable work order approval workflows and verification process for closure
  • Tightly integrated with the Help Desk module for remote Job Requests handling
  • SLA breach with aging information
  • Track SLA breaches & nearing breaches against pending word orders

Risk Management & Work Permits

  • Management of risk assessment
  • The configurable risk management plan
  • Auto-creation of work permits
  • Configurable multi-tier work permit approvals
  • Easy & quick tracking of before/after work permits
  • Work permit closures with approvals

Resource Management

  • Resource scheduling and inventory planning
  • Labour management
  • Timecards
  • Auto-allocation of Work orders based on resource availability & nearest GPS location
  • Employee data, department wise with labour rates
  • Budgets, Forecasts Analysis

Helpdesk and Knowledgebase

Centralized helpdesk solution with custom workflows, automated ticketing with SLAs. Incident, Problem, Change Management, configurable services

Reporting & Analytics

  • Intuitive Dashboards, standard KPI’s, real-time KPI’s and charts
  • More than 200+ standard reports & dashboards on all maintenance activities helping your FM teams make better and informed decisions
  • Pre-configured reports, graphs, and a maintenance dashboard that shows a standard set of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • KPI Builder, Custom Report Builder, Pivot Grid Builder to generate a plethora of custom reports

Establish healthier, more productive, and safer environments at lesser costs and efforts.

Offer an environment that could provide enhanced productivity, safety, comfort, convenience, and cost-effective operations through seamless integration, interaction, and optimization of all functional control systems in real-time, seamlessly, effectively, and efficiently.

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Other Modules

  • BMS / BAS Integration
  • Energy Dashboards
  • Mail Room Management System
  • One-touch FM using Smart IoT
  • Travel Requests Management System
  • Card Management System
  • Patrol Management System
  • Administration Functions
  • Payroll Management System
  • Time and Attendance System
  • Project Management System
  • Workflow Engine
  • Smart Facility App
  • Cafeteria Management System
  • Instant Feedback System
  • Human Resource Management System

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