Best Facility Management Software

Best Enterprise Facility Management Software

There are a lot of applications available in the market for managing small, medium, or large enterprises. Every business has its own requirements on how to manage its facilities. Every platform comes with its own unique set of features, It is a very difficult task to decide which software or platform will be right for your company.


We’ve compiled a list of key features that every business house needs to consider before choosing its facility management application.

1. Continuous support from the vendor

Every software application either big or small will experience some sort of technical issues. These can be regarding the newly added features, security updates, hardware upgrades, minor or major software updates for improving the user experiences and performance. You will need reliable customer support from the software vendor. Every Business should look for a provider that extends 24/7, 365 days support. The support might be through different channels such as telephone calls, email,s or direct visits. You should rely on someone who ensures that your business operations will not be compromised during system upgrades or downtime.

You can also visit the product website for knowledgebase, FAQs, client reviews, and ratings on other review platforms, etc.


2. Ask for the product demo

It is always the best idea to look for programs that offer a free trial or demo. By doing this, you can see and test the already available functions of the facility management application and decide whether they will be applicable to your business needs. You can fill the user experience, check and evaluate the platform’s user-friendliness. You can directly ask the software vendor if they can make any changes that fit your needs before you decide to purchase it.

You can show the demo application to other team players and ask for their opinions, this will ensure that every member knows what they will be using in real-time.


3. Self (Inpremise / Cloud hosted) or provider hosting

Data is a very crucial part of every Business’. Some companies want their data to be hosted on their own platforms and want to host in providers’ platforms. Many facility management software providers have both options, either self-hosted or cloud-hosted. It’s up to the policy of the business house how they want to host it. You need to have your own team of technical people for hosting on your platform. Some providers will let you chose the platforms like Windows or Linux for hosting the application.


4. Support for customization

Since every business house has its own set of requirements, some facility management providers might have the premade solutions and some might not have. Always go for the software provider who is ready to customize the applications based on your requirements. They might charge you extra cost for the development but it will solve your problems.


5. Pricing

This is also another important factor while choosing the facility management software. Payments can be done on monthly basis or yearly. Many software providers will give you some sort of discount if you opt for yearly plans. Pricing for Self-hosted and provider-hosted can also vary. You should always check with their representative before purchasing.

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