Security service

Traka Key Management

Intelligent key management system to secure your organization. Track and get a complete history and user transactions of the key usage.

Key Features

  • Standalone plug and play system with embedded Windows software
  • Audit capability to track, get a complete history of all keys and transactions
  • Quick onscreen search
  • View reports directly on screen or export via USB
  • Assign keys to authorized users only
  • Increase operational efficiency with better management of keys
  • Hold user accountable for sensitive key
  • Say goodby to a lost or stolen key
traka key managment
traka key managment


Key Cabinets

There are four types of key cabinets. Only authorized users can access the system and the admin can assign users.


  • Single Density: 180 keys
  • Double Density: 360 keys
  • Extension Cabinets can have up to 720 keys
  • Max users capacity: 40,000


  • Single Density: 60 keys
  • Double Density: 120 keys
  • Max users capacity: 40,000


  • Single Density: 20 keys
  • Double Density: 40 keys
  • Max users capacity: 40,000


  • Up to 5 keys
  • Max users capacity: 25,000
traka key managment


Locker System

Safely store your equipment and devices with Traka intelligent locker system.



  • Touch Screen
  • Controlled access to laptops, phones, tablets, radios, weapons, medications, and more.
  • Access through fingerprint, card, and pin number.

Types of Locker

  • Tablet and Laptop lockers
  • Modular lockers
  • Personnel deposit locker
  • Large format locker
  • Body-worn Camera locker


Biometric Scan

Traka Key Management System can use any of the below biometric to confirm user identity.

  • Fingerprint
  • Pin Number
  • Hand
  • Retina / Iris
traka key managment
traka key managment

Web solution

Traka Web

Centralized administration and reporting of hundreds and even thousands of systems.

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