Securing a college or university campus is a tedious task. One important component of campus security is access control and key management, to protect personal safety as well as facility property. Losses can range from property, vehicles, lab, and media equipment to personal items such as computers, phones, wallets, etc.

Below are the ways we can improve campus security:

Evaluate Current Access Control – including physical keys

Improving security starts with taking an inventory of all key-holding personnel and access points on campus. You’ll need to answer:

  • Who is the person issuing the keys?
  • Where do those keys allow access?
  • Is that access critical to that key holder?
  • Who holds responsibility for card access master keys?
  • How are the use of soft and physical keys audited?
  • How much of this management is automated vs. manual?
  • Do I have single individuals carrying around multiple keys?

Keep Track of Keys

Always it our prime responsibility to keep the track of keys, it can be personal keys/ master keys. If these assets are lost or stolen, make sure the incident is quickly reported and locks are changed with immediate action in order to avoid potential liability. Remember to collect keys when staff members leave employment, and never issue out the master keys.

Secure Keys

It’s vitally important to recognize the importance of the physical keys used to lock buildings, secure spaces, and valuable assets. Keys must be stored in a secure place, so that we can prevent the access of unauthorized persons and to prevent key duplication of the keys. They should only have keys when they need them and should NEVER take them home.

Lock Classrooms and Laboratories

Classroom and laboratory doors should be always locked when unused. This secures valuable equipment and deters theft. Ensure everyone that goes in and out of those secured areas after hours are accounted for.

Audit Access

It is always important to keep the track of keys. Maintaining an audit trail of key activity is imperative in preventing crime.  If users know they are accountable and the university has visibility on key use, they are less likely to misuse keys or gain access to areas they shouldn’t have access to. 

Have Remote Control

In the event of an emergency, a valuable tool in securing a campus quickly is the ability to remotely lock down doors, or temporarily revoke access to the keys that open them.

We offer advanced key and asset management solutions for all types of educational facilities to ensure valuable items are secured and access to certain areas is limited. Through proven integrations, electronic key management can become part of your existing security program, without adding any unnecessary administrative burden. For more information Contact us today.

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